Customized solutions for Art-based Companies and High Net Worth Individuals

ART as an Alternative Asset Class

ART as an alternative asset class has progressively grown in recent years so has the emergence of new art investments strategies and opportunities in creating individual art portfolio solutions.

Art is increasingly becoming part of investors’ wealth, searching for alternative assets that offer risk adjusted assets and returns uncorrelated with other traditional investments.

The Company

IN ART S.A. is a Luxemburg based company with aim to become a global partner for art businesses.

IN ART S.A. is an independent specialized art team helping art-based companies and high net worth individuals to satisfy new set of needs in an age in which art constitutes not only a valuable collection, but also a real core asset.

The originality of IN ART S.A. is to be a pioneer in providing with flexible, customized creative and innovative services that traditional art-players are simply unable to approach.

Our target clients are wealth managers, financial advisers, trusts, family offices and Individual collectors.

IN ART S.A. team has a rich global network and works closely together with best players in the art market such as Deloitte Art & Finance and the Luxembourg Freeport, the new high security storage facility.

The Services

Through IN ART’s network synergy of art specialists, art critics and authors, independent art galleries, museums, auction houses and art lending companies, we can assist clients with their private art collections with following services:

Introduce and assist clients

to art specialists, museums, galleries, auction houses, art-lending companies at a world scaling level

Develop strategic approaches

of clients’ art portfolios through innovative solutions to increase the value of clients’ private collections

Administrate our clients’ collection

in order to coordinate and implement with set sales objectives; auctions and art charity sales in international recognized Art Freeport premises

Acquire partially or totally existing private collections

of artists (deceased) owned by the heirs in order to have an effect on future trends, promote attractiveness in order to increase its value

Bring the best information to investors

through popular Art editions with the objective to divulge fine arts monographies, technical books, exhibitions catalogues, academic thesis

The Network

The artists are selected globally with strategic geographical composition.

IN ART S.A. collaborates with over 40 leading art galleries and auctioning houses across Europe, USA, Asia, Russia, India and Latin America.

Our gallery partners help us to screen and test the market continuously and provide a sales platform for yearly market evaluation.

IN ART’s ACADEMIC COUNCIL is made up of Museum Directors, scholars and academics.

Main art collector market as well as main «creative hubs» are taken into consideration.

A team of art academics and scholars from around the globe assist IN ART S.A. in the selection process following specific criteria groups.

Academic Collaborators

Dr. Joan Abello Juanpere

Director Reial Cercle Artistic, Advisory Institut Barcelones d’Art, Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Pierre Brunel

Vice-President of the Sorbonne University, Paris, France

Prof. Patricia Pellegrini

President of the Museo Escuela de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dominicus Rohde

Director of the Europa Museum, Luxembourg

Alla Chilova

Kuratorin internationaler, Deutschland

Deborah Bell

President of Deborah Bell Photographs,
former Head of Photographs Department at Christie’s New York , USA

Rose Marie Gnausch

ART Director STF Luxembourg, former MOMA, New York, USA

Legal Advisor: Maître Joram

Lawyer, MMS AVOCATS, Luxembourg

Management of Current IN ART S.A. Collections

Paintings of
Matt Lamb

Paintings of
Michel Dutrieu

Sculptures of
Sergei Miroshnitchenko

Art Collection of
Marguerite de Limburg Stirum

Photo Collection of Picasso
by Edward Quinn and Andre Villers

Ceramics of
Pablo Picasso

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